Monday, 23 June 2014

Windows Down, Radio Up

Since it has been cold in Newfoundland for the past nearly seven months. I was surprised to realize last week during a rare appearance of the sun, that my AC is not working in the SUV.
Now I realize that driving without AC is pretty much uncivilized in today's society and I do planned to get it fixed when I find a day with 25 hours in it.

But I found myself thinking back on a simpler time when I had my first car and it did not come with AC, working or not, it just wasn't even an option with my good old power blue cavalier. (such a pretty girly car that was)

My cousin and I would just drive around town with the windows down, music blasting, sunglasses on, sporting a sun burn on one side.

I realize now that the convenience of AC has taken that little bit of summer driving joy away from us. I still love to open my sunroof and have the AC on. My husband then grumbles about "that doesn't make sense and you are wasting gas" and closes the sun roof. The sunshine goes away and a little bit of me wilts inside. I still do it when he is not in the SUV, our little secret.

So as a drive around giving myself a new hairstyle in the wind, a great song comes on the radio and I crank it. It all comes back to me. This is fun! This is happy! This is Summer!

So I want everyone to try it, it is hard to be in a bad mood when you have your favourite song and the sun is shining. Turn is up loud! It is not the same without volume, you ears will forgive you just this once.

And now sing.

I am not kidding, just give it your best American/ Canadian Idol shot! Don't worry no one else will hear you. They all have their windows up :)

I have an appointment to get my AC fixed tomorrow but I promise myself I will still take time some days to roll my windows down, turn the radio up and just let it go.

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