Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Between A Rock and a Happy Place

I am the proud mother of a truly individual, unique, smart and outspoken three year old daughter. I also work full time. There I said it.

There may be some that applaud me and there are some of you that will disapprove of my choice. It is never an easy choice, although it seems to be increasingly common for mothers to get back into the grind. It is a decision that is often full of judgement from peers and guilt within yourself.
No one escapes the day where they cry horribly when you walk out the door. I think I cried a little and then drowned my sorrows in coffee. ( Hey I was at work remember)

I actually returned to work part time when my daughter Charlotte was 3 months old. I was lucky enough to have my mother in law visit to watch her while I went to the office each day for 3 hours. It started as a financial necessity. My husband is in the military, we were living comfortable but one income would not cut in.

When we relocated back to our home province Newfoundland, my luck continued and I managed to find a full time job with the SPCA St. John's as a fund-raising coordinator.
Charlotte was 8 months old.

But my job was flexible, allowing me to work from home, make my own hours as I worked many evenings and weekends.  I am proud to say I can let Charlotte wake up on her own every morning and we enjoy breakfast together. I can take her to every ballet class, every doctors appointment, if she needs me I am there. As  I look back on it, I am at peace with my decision. I have been there for every milestone. My mother in law still watches Charlotte and loves every minute with her granddaughter. Charlotte may still pout every now and then about my going to the office but she will grow up to see a strong successful woman in me (I hope!)

She loves to visit my office and help me "make mail" and of course playing with kittens is her favourite.  One of my happiest moments when it comes to work was the day that Charlotte looked at me after I picked her up at the days end and said "Did you get money for the kitties today mommy?"
She understands what I do, she has a sense of responsibility and a new sense of philanthropy ( I told you she was very smart!) because of my choice to go to work.

My life is never boring, I often stretch another hour in my day I swear! But it is where I am today that leads me here to you. I may not be an expert in everything but I have experience to share. I will be honest, upfront and outspoken. (like mother, like daughter) I promise there will be post to make you think, post to make you laugh and plenty of post to save you time and money. After all we do truly work hard for it so do you best to keep it!

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