Monday, 16 June 2014

Direct Selling Mamma

Can you really make money with direct sales? All those work from home companies floating around out there these days featuring photos of happy people holding money or on vacation with the family, seems to good to be true.

Direct selling has been around for a long time. I mean woman have been "Avon Calling" since the late 1800's, so there must be something to it.

Many woman dream of working from home rolling in the dough one home party at a time, but is it realistic.

In the past I have been a representative for Mary Kay, Avon, Creative Memories, Epicure, and now Scentsy.

Some of these I joined mainly for the value packed starter kit, and then I didn't do anything with it. What I have heard a fellow representative refer to as a "kit napper".

I have been with Scensty for two years and have a team of 3 in my downline- meaning they signed up under me. I actually have a shot at earning a trip to Cancun this year. So how and why is this business a success over the others I have tried and how can it work for you?

Here are the lessons I learned and tips I can share.

1. Find Your Passion. Don't sign up to sell make-up if you don't wear it. I was a scentsy client before deciding to become a rep.

2. Know your target market. Your family, friends and co-workers are normally your initial customers as your work to build your brand. Selling Mary Kay, which is a little pricier than your regular makeup,  when I was 20 and could not afford to buy it myself, nor could any of my friends was not really an encouraging experience.

3. Research the company. Scentsy has continued to jump the ranks of direct selling businesses. It is currently in the top 20 of 100. They have a strong group of leaders that encourage and engage everyday via social media sites. I am a fan of getting a "pay check" in stead of selling keeping the profits form each individual sale I do as some companies do. This is something to think about. How do you want to get paid? What other aspects are you looking for? Make note of them when you research.

4. Be prepared to work. Customers will not come throwing money at you. You have to have dedication and patience to stick it out. I have a Facebook page for my Scensty, I update it pretty much everyday. I email my customers to keep in contact. I am out there attending vendor show as well. My recruits actually came to me to find out about the business. Be out there, become well known and eventually people will come to you.

5. Support the direct sellers: This tip is not really about selling from a home based business but buying it. When it comes to gifts, especially Christmas shopping, consider looking to direct selling companies and local home based business for ideas. Big Box stores won't be as happy or appreciative to sell you a gift as a person trying to make a little more money themselves.

I have known representatives from some companies to earn free vacations every year and make $40,000 plus. I am not near there myself, I only have enough free time to make this a part-time effort, but I do make money.

If you think about it many companies have start up cost that range from $20 to $200. It depends on the value of the kit. The products in the kit often cost more than the fee. If you put in an order or two many times you will make your investment back. You often have little to lose to give it a shot.

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