Thursday, 26 June 2014

Let's Just Zip On It

So today I did a touristy thing right in my own backyard. Something I have never done before, in a tropical climate or elsewhere, I went zip lining. 

Not just once but across 10 different zip lines that took over 2 hours and travelled up to 75 kilometres an hour across the coastline of Petty Harbour. Some of these lines went 2000 feet in length and were 300 feet above where my feet would normally comfortably stand on the ground.

Why the heck would I do that? Some may ask, including myself at the starting point. Well one reason was because I was offered the chance to do this at no cost to me, but also to put in on my "Look Back" list.

Yes my "Look Back" list. I heard a fellow zip liner comment today that this was one item off her bucket list, I thought "me too" but then I realized it would have been the only thing on my bucket list to cross off as I don't have a bucket list! So then as I was waiting in line to get on the zip line and put my life in the hand of a piece of strap and a pully, I thought of what I would put on my bucket list and came to one conclusion. I don't have a clue what I would put on it. 

Another thought was I really don't care for a bucket list. Why should I stress myself out over things I may or may not get to do before I die? That sounds depressing as my list would probably get filled with things like climb a great pyramid or something outrageous that will never happen. 

I would much rather look back at the things I did do, experiences like today that come around by chance or a little bit of planning, those things I want to remember and recall stories for my daugter. Hey,  I might come off sounding like a cool adventure seeking mom! So I now have a "Look Back' list. Instead of crossing items off,  I am piling them on!

A few items on my list so far:

1. Zip lining in Petty Harbour ( I survived!)
2. Cave tubing in Belize
3. Parasailing in Nassau
4. Swimming with Stingrays in Half Moon Cay
5. Climbed a waterfall in Jamaica
6. Chilled with the monkeys in the Panama Rainforest ( and went to the Panama Canal!)

No I don't take a million vacations a year, most of these were cruise ships stops, but when you sit down and thing about the things I did I look pretty damn adventurous!

So stop looking for things on some elusive list and start looking back on the things you have done, whether they be from some far away place or camping with a long lost friend for the weekend. Those are your accomplishments and memories, own them!

Trust me, I am hanging on tight!

Want more info on the zip lining I did? Here is the website just in case you want to add to your "Look Back" list.

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