Friday, 13 June 2014

Cruising for Money... or Money for Cruising?

I love vacations! I once read that the count down to a vacation is as therapeutic as the vacation itself. The planning, the excitement, the anticipation. I totally believe that. This time it is a little extreme though being I just booked a vacation for 2016. Too early to start counting days??

I have booked a Royal Caribbean Cruise with my husband, daughter, my parents and his parents. His parents have never been on vacation before so this is exciting for them. They asked to go in 2016 to allow to save up for the trip.

What a novel idea. Save up for a trip. Hmmmm I have always just booked it on my credit card and forgot about it. Smart idea? Probably not.

Since my husband refused to take this trip without a balcony room, this will be the most expensive cruise I have taken so maybe I should have a plan. I was browsing on kijiji for something last week and it came to me. Why can't I sell some of the stuff lying around my house?

So here is my new challenge for myself. To come up with the downpayment for my cruise (myself, my husband and Charlotte) without impacting my daily finances. I will sell some items online, cut my cell bills, count my change or any other creative ideas I can come up with.

Goal: $738

I can do this! I will keep you all posted!


  1. Update: I have $105! We are doing some reno's in our house and my husband was going to toss the laminate floor we took up. I thought "someone may want it" and they did/ Sold on kijiji for $100. Also sold a scrapbooking tool for $5 was it wasn't what I needed.
    $633 to go!

  2. That was quick! Use Checkout51 now, too!