Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Hair Of The Dog

No, I am not referring to the old adage of drinking more to lessen the hangover of last night's party. 
I mean literally the hair of the dog.
Chevy, my wonderful 12 year old mixed breed dog.
He looks happy right? Well he doesn't sweep!
It's everywhere. On the floors, under the furniture, on my bed, my clothes, my food (even right after I dish it up, I mean seriously?) and occasionally ends up in my mouth. 

As a pet owner, you tend to brush off the topic of fur, pun totally intended, and to learn to deal with it daily. 

I have a Shepard cross which at age 20 my husband did not really research to find out that Chevy would be a heavy shedder and even do this awesome thing twice a year called "blowing his coat" where pretty much all his hair falls our for a new coat. 
That's right nearly his whole coat' lying somewhere in my house. Now I have found ways to deal with this over the years, the invention of the swifter vac was bar none. I mean if you adopt a dog from a shelter you should be given one for free I think. 

When I sense a thicker layer of fur covering my belongings I know it is coat blowing time again and I take him to the groomers for a special shampoo and brush out. It helps tremendously. 

If you have any tips please post! Everyone loves ideas on how to deal with pet fur. I love the bugger shedding or no shedding so I guess I could learn to make a sweater out of it, after all it has been a long cold winter!

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