Saturday, 26 July 2014

Life With Nick

Most of what I know about raising my daughter I learned from my brother. And he is not even a dad!
He is on the other hand 9 years younger than me. So I got a lot of hands on experience early in life.

Nick at my wedding in 2008
My grandparents recently brought in a bunch of old books I had as a child. In that pile was one of those "All about me" books you write in. I was flipping through the mind of my nine year old self, if I had the chance to travel I apparently listed Boston as one of my choice locations, I must think hard one that one.

One section asked if I could write a book what would it be called. I had scribbled in the space "My Life With Nick".

Since I am not a famous author, nor do I have the time and energy to consider such a book, I figured I owed him a blog post.

Funny how you grow up and move out and move on. I spent 10 years living driving distance of my family. I considered the 5.5 hr trip we took maybe 5 times a year driving distance, my husband who actually did the driving may beg to differ. Now I live in St. John's and my family is in Ontario. Nick has moved out to London (Ontario) for University and is carving his own place in life as are our other siblings Brandon and Natasha ( also younger than me, so LOTS of hand on baby experience)

But since Charlotte was born I found myself thinking back on those wonderful days before Nick could talk. Hey wouldn't be a great older sibling if i didn't get digs in there somewhere.

When people started talking about wether I was ready to change all those diapers, I said " Don't worry I got this." I mean I had lessons at age nine. Nick you owe me, I could have let you just sit there in it you know.

Charlotte started teething and I said "Oh thank God, she is not like Nick was." You drooled kid, like a lot!

Sometimes Charlotte decides she wants to watch Barney on tv, to my amazement I know all the words to the songs. No doubt because Nick would not go to sleep unless it was playing, you even had to go in sometimes and turn the tape over if it stopped and he wasn't asleep.

There are many days when something Charlotte does will pop in my mind as something that reminds me of Nick, but if that trend continues and she grows up to be a great person like Nick I guess that would not be so bad.

So now I have satisfied my nine year old self ambition of writing "Life with Nick" Now I just have to plan a trip to Boston.

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