Saturday, 12 July 2014

Leaving Money At The Curb

I love my jugs! No not those silly people, although they are quite nice I think. I mean the juice jugs, pop bottles and beer cans that come into my house. The provide a nice little savings account for me.
Are you one of those people that just leave your money out on the curb for pick up?

When we first moved back to St. John's 3 years ago the curb side recycling program was being to pick up momentum with other towns joining in.

Love the convenience right? Leave the recycling out with the trash and the nice garbage men come and take it away. Environment saved!

But wait, what about my pocketbook? Here in Newfoundland I still have to pay the bottle deposit on my recycling despite the fact that there is a city curb side program. So I pay for those juice boxes and you guys just take them away? I am not sure that is fair.

I don't know what the deal is in other cities but even with a curb side program we still have recycling centres. One of them has a new program where you go in swipe your card at a computer punch in the number of bags you have, out comes stickers that you place on the bags and just leave them. The whole thing takes five minutes. The money is loaded into an account until you cash it out.
I currently have $225 in this account over the past 12 months.

I won't get rich but I certainly would never have put $225 in cash in a blue bag and left it out for city pick up either!

Last year my husband called it his "Bike Trip" fund. He cashed out $175 to take his motorcycle on a trip to Nova Scotia to see a friend.

Do yourself a favour and look up Evergreen if you are in St. John's area and if not research recycling depots in you town area and turn the click of bottles to the clink of coin!

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