Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Anatomy Lessons From A Three Year Old

Charlotte and I were shopping one day at the mall, when she turned to me and said 
"We need to get something for daddy!"
I stopped and looked around, we were in the middle of Sports Check so I guess there could be something here that peaked her daddy interest.
I asked her "What did you think daddy would want?"
Hmm she said " I think he wants one of these"
"Charlotte that is a sports bra, it's for boobies, daddy doesn't have boobies." I exclaimed.
She was determined. "Yes he does," she stood her ground. "He does! I saw them yesterday, they are on his tummy." 
People glanced my way, I told her she was right but we would get him a chocolate treat instead. Maybe in a year or two I will be ready to talk anatomy with her, just not in Sports Check

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