Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Money For Cruising Update

A little while back I set out on a quest to get the $738 dollars I need to pay the deposit on a cruise for myself, hubby and Charlotte by selling unwanted items in our house. Big goal but my credit card will thank me!
Read the original post Here if you need a refresher!

I just thought I would give you an update and where I am so far!

1. Sold the old laminate floor from our remodel; if it comes up good people may want it for basements or cabins! Cruise Money: $100
2. Sold a scrapbooking tools I did not use. Cruise Money: $5
3. Another remodel deal- sold the old exhaust fan from out kitchen. Cruise Money: $40 
4. Sold Miche purses I no longer used. Cruise Money: $50
5. Hubby sold a winch that belong a an ATV we no longer have, Sold for $100 but he only let me have $50! He will be a few drinks less on the cruise then! Cruise Money:$50
6. Sold a ride on car Charlotte has outgrown, hey she is going on vacation too after all! Cruise Money:$10
7. Sold Charlotte's outgrown clothes by the bag. Cruise Money: $10

Total to Date: $265

Yippee! I love seeing the balance go down on my credit card! If you are doing this with me, make sure the money makes it to your credit card! No cheating and buying more stuff that you will just sell a couple years down the road!

I currently have $100 worth of stuff listed on Kijiji and on various Facebook buy and sell groups. Facebook can have great resources for selling your unwanted items.

Want to save even more money? Don't forget to look on Kijiji or other pages when you need something yourself. I needed a new microwave when we moved and I refused to buy a new one so I found one just like new for $80 on Kijiji instead of $180 in the store. 

I am 1/3 of the way to repaying the despot I put on the cruise. Very exciting! Has anyone else tried this as a way to pay for an item?

Hold on Cruise Ship! I am coming!

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  1. Love, Love Love what you're doing! Vacations are wonderful, but it can be stressful when the bills come in. This will make your vacation even better!