Thursday, 4 December 2014

Off the Wall Photo Wall Collage

When I moved into my house in April I looked at my blank living room wall and thought "it needs something." I then looked at the massive amount of photos the movers, aka hubby and friends, left in the office and I thought I have to find somewhere to put those.

Wall meet pictures, pictures this is wall.

Now that they have been introduced I got to work putting as many together as possible. I had always wanted a wall collage but thought the frames needed to match and I didn't have the money for all new frames. Guess what? They don't need to match. These are all the frames I already had except the 3 photo frame on the bottom, that was a gift to myself :)

Focus on what you want to see and where, you can buy guides, find them on line or cut out paper in the shapes of your frames and tape them up first. Me being who I am did none if these and decided to wing it, I will never take them down in my lifetime or hubby will see all the holes in the wall where I put in the picture hanger and then needed to move it 2 inches to the left or so. So don't be me and follow one of those suggestions for having a plan. 

I showed my sister my creation and she said " how very Pinterest of you. " 

Does she spy on me???  

So I like Pinterest, I am pretty sure stealing ideas if what it is there for! See my big C? ( For Cummings if you are wondering) Pinterest steal. I also saw someone have other things beside photos on the wall and I thought that was cool. It feels good to have my little carved turtle from Belize on display instead of in a drawer. 

So there. I managed to get multiple photos on the wall and still look like I had a plan from the start. I love when that happens. 


  1. Maybe you could come to my house and do this for me someday. I'll give you wine! But not until after the pictures are hung.