Friday, 24 October 2014

My Fabulous Junk

First off this is not an article about my derriere. Wrong junk get your head out of the gutter.

My Junk Before
I have become my father's daughter. I hauled home someone else 'junk". While looking for a desk on Kijiji I found an ad for a few items that were out to the side of the road free for the taking. In it was this solid wood pedestal table. I love pedestal tables!!! My budget loves free ones even more.

So off I go with hubby in the truck to claim my prize.

It is flaking, water damaged and stained, by all means.. junk.

I can do junk, I think.  I have somehow convinced myself I a a savior of old wood. It started with a set of very old chairs that I got from a flea market. Just a coat of paint and some new material on the seats, easy peasey. Never mind I can't sew a button none then less reupholster anything!
Well months later I am still working on the first one! Who knew I would haev to remove all the old paint from every tiny crevice I thought made that chair look so unique, I kinda hate them now.
But let's move on to a success, shall we? 

I had a vision. Black pedestal with a cream coloured top. I was a woman on a mission. Could I do it?

My Fabulous Junk After
Woohoo! Look at that fabulous table! The best part? I did this, me, not me and my hubby, all me. I wielded a hand sander, used a deglosser to get off any leftover stain and laboured over 3 coats of paint. My father will be proud.

I love that the table was stamped handmade in Eastport on the bottom. This table is not only solid wood but it was made right here in Newfoundland!
Keeping it Canadian I painted the bottom, not just black, but "Hockey Sweater" black. Can't get much more home grown than that! 
The top colour is antique quilt leftover from our cabinet redo. So the grand total on this table redo was $ 20.

I am officially a savior of wood! Now if I could just get those chairs done I would have somewhere to sit....

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