Friday, 15 August 2014

Smells Like Roses..... and Olay

As the parent of any toddler knows, nothing is sacred in your house any more, especially the bathroom privacy you once thought must a been a right. Well no, apparently it is a privilege and they make sure you know that.

I actually get a little claustrophobic now when the bathroom door closes behind me!

I was in the bathroom one day and Charlotte walks on in. She promptly screws her face up. "Mommy your bum smells"

"GET OUT!" I exclaim. Mental note: teach Charlotte it is not nice etiquette to wander in people's bathroom and comment on their "business".

A little while later, Charlotte says she is itchy so I get her some lotion for her legs.

She sniffs the lotion. I say "smells nice doesn't it?"

She ponders on this and looks and me and says.

"Yes, you should put some on your bum."


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