Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A Letter For My Baby On Her First Day of School

Hi Baby Girl,

Well this is it, your backpack is ready, your uniform looks great and let's not even talk about how cute that ponytail is on you today.

As you walk into that classroom today for your first day of school I want you remember a few things.
This is a new journey, the first of 13 years that will be filled with love, a few tears but mostly laughter. These days will stay with you forever.  To make the most of these vital years I will give some of my wisdom to you, after all I have been in your shoes once before :)
You didn't even notice me stay a little while longer
watching you play. I am so proud of you baby girl!

1. It's ok to be scared, life is full of uncertainties, embrace the feeling and learn how to overcome it, in the end it will all work out.

2. Make friends, some of these friends will be by your side for the rest of your life, but it may not necessarily be the ones you meet today. So remember to make new ones along the way and always be nice to the new kid. They are scared too and saying hello will change their day.

3. During your school years someone will be mean to you. I want you to always remember how that felt. Carry a little part of that with you and it will remind you to always treat others with kindness and caring. But the most important part is to always forgive. Forgive those who may be mean to you, It will do you both a world of good. Trust me.

4. Be yourself, everyone else is taken. I love that quote. Take it and live by it. You walked in that door this morning a truly individual little girl . Please please stay that way. Trends will always come and go but who you are inside will stay with you forever.

5. Try new things, the next 13 years are all about discovery. Discover new friends, discover new hobbies, discover yourself. This is the best time to branch out, try different club, different classes. Although you may do dance for 10 years you may discover that playing the trumpet awakens a passion inside you. You never know unless you try. I will never be disappointed in your choices to continue or to move on from something. I know you are just trying to find your way.

6. Own every success but also every failure. Learn from them. These lessons will guide you through life.

7. Someone will break your heart. I am truly sorry for this. I cannot stop it. But I can promise I understand, I have been there too. I will be there for you and together we will be ok. I also promise to stop your father from hunting him down.

8. I cannot promise to catch you every time you fall but I will be there to pick you up and dust you off.

9. Learn to drive a standard. Trust me it is a very proud feeling! Ask you dad to teach you, it will make him so happy. But don't tell him I sent you it will be our little secret.

10. You will always be my baby. No matter if it is walking in that door this morning for the first time form the time you walk across the stage for the last time and beyond, you will always be my baby.  You cried this morning when I left. Thanks for that. It reminded me that no matter how many times people tell me you are all grown up and that you are a big girl now. I know you a still a little girl at heart and that you need me as much as I need you.

That's it. Be brave, be confident, be yourself.

Love Always



  1. BEST LETTER EVER!!! I'm proud of you little Miss and of course you too Mum!! Xoxo

    1. Never but anything down permanently like that before but I felt it was important.

  2. So sweet. What a lucky little girl to have a mom like you.

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  4. Love it Jennifer!! Such beautiful words and all so true!! Hope she had a wonderful first day at school! So how are you dealing with this? It takes time getting use to but I'm sure you will both be fine! xo

    1. Not sure how come my name is not showing lol! Your lifelong friend, Marsha

    2. It was fine. I work in the school so it's not like I had to go home to a empty house. Although I find it hard not to peek in the gym window when I know shes in there, or outside in the yard. Not because I miss her or am worried but because I am genuinely interested in the life of a kindergartner! I want to know what she is doing!