Friday, 24 April 2015

My Life with Fitness- A Romantic Comedy

   I am not a fitness buff, I do not live in the gym, when I see people running I wonder who is chasing them. I am not a size 2 with a tight lean body, I have jiggly bits just like 99 percent of the world. I felt like that needed to be said before I continued this article. 

   This is not advice from a fitness expert on how to run 20 miles, lose 50 pounds or become the next weight lifting champ. I am just your regular person whose successful relationship with fitness is newer than the sneakers I wear to the gym. But I am trying.

   Like many others I have tried various programs and crazes. From Jillian Michaels, Weight Watchers, Beachbody, Zumba and pretty much every other class the gym could throw at me. When it comes to workout relationships I leave a long trail of broken hearts in my wake. Sorry Zumba it's not you it's me. Actually it is you, it made me feel completely unsexy flailing around in there completely uncoordinated. I can't be with someone that makes me feel unsexy. Sorry. 

   Back in the fall I saw a sign outside New World Fitness advertising free classes as part of their new Conditioning Program launch. I love free things! I will suffer at the gym for free, how bad can it be? Guess what? I didn't hate it. I'll take that. Lets go on a second date and see where this thing takes us. A few months in and we are now going steady. We are together 2-3 times a week. I actually look forward to this time together and I miss it a little when we are apart. 

   So what does this prove? Just like finding that significant other in real life there is a true love in the fitness world for you too. The next time you try the newest in-style fitness craze and you just can't make it work and you think "I can't do this" change your thinking to "I can't do that". It is not fitness you cannot do it is just that one particular class. You wouldn't cross off the opposite sex because you went on a bad date would you? There are plenty of fish in the sea and other cliches. Same with fitness. 

   But remember, do not set yourself up for failure. Ask yourself is this something I can continue doing in my lifestyle? It is like dating someone half your age and trying to keep up with the nightlife, might be fun at first but you will start to hate and resent it and the next thing you know it is over and you are depressed at home eating a tray of nachos. Hmmmm I love nachos.... Anyways back to the point. 

   If you cannot commit to this type of diet or fitness program pass the 30 day mark you will lose a few pounds but it will come right back. You do what you know you can stick with, it may take longer to see results but they will stay that way. 

   Don't give up, it often takes a lot of crappy first dates to find "the one" I have been trying on and off for the past decade to find something I could stick with, I leave a bunch of gym trial passes, DVDs and fitness equipment in my wake- note if it is sold on tv and you don't see if at a gym, plus it makes getting those abs super easy and fun. it doesn't work. Kinda like finding true love on Tinder. 

   Remember, and I take this quote straight off the poster at the gym because they are better at motivational quotes. If you think you can or you can't you're right.

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